Build Phoenix apps with serious speed

Petal includes useful functionality for starting a new Phoenix project, including authentication and a simple, modular and accessible component library built with Surface and Tailwind.

*FREE for a limited time.

Enhancing the Phoenix development experience
Hit the ground running on your next web application project.
Lighting fast reloads

Petal uses ESbuild instead of Webpack for faster reload times.

Styled components

Modular Surface components styled with Tailwind CSS and enhanced with Javascript hooks or Alpine JS.

Email templating

HTML email template preview. See all your apps emails in one place. Easy to design new emails


phx.gen.auth is pre-installed. Passwordless and social logins are coming soon.

Utility functions

A growing collection of handy functions to help you not reinvent the wheel.

Moderator addons (coming soon)

See a list of your users. Track their activity with logs. Post activity to Slack or a 3rd party application

Email templating,

Create HTML templates and preview them.

See all your apps transactional emails in one place.

Screenshot 2
Component examples
Implemented with Surface + Tailwind
Our membership pricing.

Once off payment

$299 USD
FREE until beta ends
  • Access to the latest version of Petal
  • Speedy development with ESbuild instead of Webpack
  • A growing library of Tailwind styled Surface components
  • Email template previewer
  • phx.gen.auth pre-installed
  • Handy util functions
  • Advanced moderator dashboard with user activity logs
  • Vote for and suggest new features